12 Companies Leading the Way in yerba buena ice skating

This yerba buena ice skating video was filmed on the Yerba Buena ice skating rink in Santa Monica, CA. We filmed this video in January of 2014. The rink is one of the most popular ice skating rinks in the world with at least 300,000 people skating every winter season.

No, no, no. The video was shot at a time when the rink is in good shape and ice is still getting warmer. We actually filmed the video so we knew we were looking at the back and forth between one and five floors away from where we’d filmed the video.

The video is worth watching because it gives a great view of the skating rink, the action, and the ice. The skating rink is also a very popular spot for weddings.

The ice is a huge attraction in this video, so it’s great to see the ice skating itself. We do have a few photos of the rink, and the ones we shot during the video were really cool because they were filmed in the middle of the rink, so it was cool to watch the skating rink.

The ice rink was filmed at a place called the Ice Palace. It looks like it’s got a couple hundred different sizes of ice. The skating rink is also on the water. This is a good spot to film weddings because the action, the music, and the energy is fantastic.

We’re really loving the ice rink because of its simplicity and the way it looks. Its pretty simple. Its like a regular ice rink, but made with the precision of a robot. It’s just a set of wooden sticks and steel bars with a few simple lines and a sliver of ice. It’s beautiful.

The ice rink features a huge, gigantic wooden frame with a massive, massive handle. It has a lot of holes that you can smash with a baseball bat. So this is a great place to film weddings. But we did it because it looks like the ice rink looks like a big, gigantic ice rink.

The reason why it looks so nice is because it was made with the exact same ice rink model. The designers behind yerba buena used the exact same exact blueprint and specifications that we used for our ice rink to build this thing.

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