The Next Big Thing in tuscan village ice skating rink

This summer, we are having a cottage/motel and have had to build a rink. We are excited to have a place to skate, play hockey, and just be in the sun. Tuscany has one of the best ice rinks in the world. We are looking forward to having a place to play in the sun.

The rink we are building is actually already there. We just need to get it finished. Our rink is made from natural rocks and we plan on keeping the grass out of the way. The ice is just to keep the kids safe and to make it easy for them to get around and have fun.

We are going to be making a rink out of natural rocks. The cottagemotel is already set up for skating and hockey. We just need a place to put up the rink. The kids will have lots of space to play in the sun.

The rink will be right on the lake, so it will be very easy to get around. The grass will be in the way, but we’ll figure it out. There will be lots of fun in the sun. The kids will be having fun. But here’s a fun fact: It is an ice rink.

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