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My favorite ice skating rink is the Rosemont Ice skating rink in Rosemont, IL. I have been skating there for over 20 years and have been a skating enthusiast since I was a kid. I have only been to Rosemont previously when I was in college and there was a great ice skating rink there but have never been to it since I graduated. It is the best skating rink I have ever been to and I would highly recommend it to all of my friends and family.

Rosemont is only open from February until September so if you are in the Chicago area (or even in the Midwest) you should definitely definitely visit.

Rosemont ice rink is a great place to go for a late night snack or an afternoon treat. As a great ice skating venue I have to tip my hat to the city of Rosemont for opening up a skating rink. It is a great place to go to after a long day of working, and the staff is very helpful and friendly. It is easy to find and the ice rink is not huge so there is plenty of space for everyone.

The ice rink isn’t as big as I thought it would be. The center ice is set up so that those who want to be in the front and not the back of the rink can still get around easily. The rink has a few steps that you have to walk down to get to the rink so it’s not a walk in the park type of place. The ice is actually pretty smooth and the surface is really good.

The ice rink is good because it makes it easy to have a party without all the hassle of a crowded rink. Also it keeps the ice cold so that you don’t have to worry about the rink getting too hot.

The ice skating rink is also a nice place to have a skate party. They sell skateboards there and you can skate with the other skateers.

The rink is surrounded by a path that you have to walk through before you get to the rink. There is a bench in the middle that is really good for a bench press, so this is a nice spot to go for a casual workout.

The ice skating rink is one of the more popular ice skating rinks we have. It is a huge space with a bunch of different ice surfaces. The ice is very deep and you can skate on it for a long time without any real issues. There are also plenty of steps around the rink that make it easier to get to the high score table. The rink itself is also full of signs and flags that are a fun touch.

You will need a good skater to play this game. The game itself is very easy. You just need to find an ice rink in the middle of a busy city. There aren’t many of them so you have to be creative in finding one. You can search online, or just look for an ice rink in your area.

It’s also worth noting that the skating rink is actually a bit weird. The rink is basically a large, circular building with a lot of sliding parts. The best part of it is that you can skate around the rink like a giant icicle with no problems. There is even a large platform you can jump from.

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