A Productive Rant About peanuts ice skating

I was never a very good ice skater growing up. I had no interest in it. I just was not into it. This was until my first boyfriend, my first summer job, and my first summer camp all led to me getting into the sport. Now I am a certified ice skater and I have learned a ton new skills over the years. I will always consider myself a beginner, but I have learned so much from years of trying different things and learning from my mistakes.

We are all at the same level of self-awareness, in our everyday lives, and each of us has a different agenda. You can’t go wrong with what I did in the beginning of this chapter, but I think in your life is probably what you want.

The first step is to recognize when you are on autopilot and then try to make changes to your current routine to make your life a little more balanced. For example, I used to get dressed in the morning and put on my workout clothes, brush my teeth, and get a lot of work done. I would do a little bit of everything, but there were times when I would put in more work than others.

I would definitely add that I was never really satisfied with my work. The last thing I ever wanted to do was go out and do something that I didn’t enjoy, like going to the gym or playing an instrument. No matter how much I wanted to, I would just feel bad if I had to do something that I wasn’t proud of. So for me, having my favorite activity in the morning is important to balance my life.

I’ll admit, I was never really sure what I wanted to do. Sure, I was always good at one thing, but everything else just felt too abstract. I would look around my own life and wonder, “I wish I had that thing, but I don’t. It would be so awesome if I did.” I think part of this is that I was always busy with other things, and I always felt that if I got really busy, I would get less done.

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