25 Surprising Facts About opi skating on thin ice-land

ice skating

This fall, we’re featuring the opi ice skating event in our fall issue. This event is a unique way to get the kids skating and celebrating while having fun with friends. You can buy tickets online and they will go on sale soon.

I’m not too sure how this is supposed to benefit the business side of the ice skating business, but from what I’m reading in the article, the event is going to happen on a weekday. This means that the event is going to take place at a restaurant, which means the restaurant is going to be running a small line. It’s a little bit of a strange place to have your skate rental business take place, but it’s still not a bad thing.

theres a pretty long article on the event website, but theres also a page where you can sign up to buy tickets.

This may be an attempt to help people who are more than willing to buy their tickets to skate. There is a good place to buy tickets to a skate event.

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