10 No-Fuss Ways to Figuring Out Your ice skating turlock

Our first experience with ice skating was way back in the 1970s. We had ice rinks at every neighborhood in Denver and at other ice resorts around the country. We would come home from the rink and talk about what we had just seen. It was like some sort of dream.

We would then look at our ice rink photos and tell each other why we were obsessed with ice rinks. Ice rinks (and rinks in general) are still a thing in the world today and a lot of people who live in Denver and other parts of Colorado still have a deep-rooted love for ice rinks. The fact that you can go ice skating at night (because the sun is shining) is pretty cool, too.

I remember the first time I went ice skating when I was in eighth grade. The thing that still sticks with me is that I remember it as being the only time in my life that I felt fully free and truly happy (I don’t know why, but it still freaks me out when I think about it). Now, I can’t skate in the winter with my friends because it’s too cold.

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