The Best Kept Secrets About ice skating at ppg

PPG has long been a leading skating venue in the Twin Cities. I’ve been skating there for a few years with my boyfriend for some fun. After some great ice skating, we decided to take the next step and try some hockey. We were welcomed by our friend, who invited us to sit and watch the game. We were then introduced to the rink. The ice rink is very clean and clean and fresh.

The ice rink is actually a building that houses the Skate House, a skateboard shop, which is now the team’s main arena. The building holds about 1,000 seat skaters. It resembles an actual skateboarding rink, but the floor is set with concrete platforms. The skaters wear a wide variety of skates to help them get around. People use them to get around on a daily basis.

It’s like the ice rink is a set of real skateboard ramps. The Skate House is the rink’s main attraction. The Skate House is a sort of family-friendly place with a lot of different themed rooms, all with skaters who are ready to have some fun. The Skate House is the most popular part of the ice rink.

It’s easy to confuse the term skateboarding with ice skating. It’s a lot of fun to skate around in the ice skating rink, and the ice skating rink itself is a real skateboarding rink. It’s a lot of fun to play with.

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